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VagRestore is a revolutionary product that makes up for the lack of hormones after menopause.Aging causes vaginal atrophy, the thinning and inflammation of the delicate vaginal mucosa. This results in loss of moisture, elasticity, and muscle tone. Intimacy is affected by pain, dryness, and decreased libido.Restoration of the vagina results in increased arousal, sensitivity, and orgasm.

Most menopausal women suffer from the symptoms of vaginal atrophy:
• vaginal dryness
• itching and burning sensations
• painful intercourse
• lack of normal sex drive

Your body also needs male sex hormones to function at its best. Unfortunately, the level of androgens in your bloodstream (including testosterone) has dropped too. Which is why many women experience some form of sexual dysfunction: low libido, and problems with arousal, sexual sensitivity, and orgasm.Consider VagRestore, the way to naturally reverse the effects of menopause and have a healthy vagina.

Why suffer the effects of menopause when you can restore your vaginal health? Experience the renewed sensitivity and libido of your youth.

VagRestore is an all-natural, non-estrogen containing product now available without a prescription. Physicians have utilized the active ingredient of VagRestore to help their patients for years. It has been documented to be safe and effective in numerous scientific studies.

VagRestore contains DHEA, a natural prohormone that declines as we age. It is absorbed into the vaginal tissue but does not reach the bloodstream to change hormone levels.

Products like sexual lubricants and vaginal moisturizers temporarily alleviate symptoms, but they do not target the source of the problem. Yet after only four weeks of using VagRestore, a menopausal woman should notice improvements:
• normal vaginal secretions
• greater sexual sensitivity
• higher libido

VagRestore is the only product available without a prescription that addresses total vaginal health and renewed sexual function.

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