Vaginal Health
Vaginal health is essential for normal response and function. Many factors, including hormonal changes, medications, dryness, prolapse, and pain may inhibit intimacy.   FAQ Page
All Natural
VagRestore is an all-natural product scientifically proven to improve vaginal health by replenishing moisture, elasticity and sensitivity. Enhanced desire and fulfillment result.   FAQ Page
My doctor recently diagnosed perimenopause. I began using VagRestore to help with all those unwanted symptoms. It has definitely helped and I couldn't be happier with the results. Highly recommended!
Nina S.
Highly recommended!
Since going through menopause in 2008, I lost my desire and experienced painful sex. VagRestore helped correct this problem. Both me and my husband have noticed the benefit of my using Vag Restore!
Traci N.
Intimate Again!
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Q. What is VagRestore?
A. It is an all natural way to restore vaginal health.  It will reverse the changes that occur with menopause, including dryness, pain, and loss of elasticity.  It also will help reverse loss of drive, sensation, and sensitivity.
Q. What is the active ingredient?
A. DHEA is the active ingredient. It does not contain estrogen and does not change hormone levels. It exerts its effect locally on the vaginal tissue.   FAQ Page
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